3P Mounted "MC2" Electrostatic Duster

World Patent Pending

The Martignani 3P Mounted Electrostatic Duster "MC2" was awarded with the 1st Prize winner "EIMA 2004 Technical Novelty" at the International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition E.I.M.A. Bologna - Italy.

It is available in the 3P Mounted or semimounted PTO driven version with 260 l Stainless Steel tank capacity (or 200 kilos of Sulphur) and another 100 l capacity tank for clear water to wet the dust particles and give them an Electrostatic charge thus dramatically reducing drift and enhance coverage on vine leaves with a potential reduction in Sulphur use up to 29-32 % / hectare or acre.


MC2 Electrostatic Duster Brochure (download PDF)