"Very happy with the results and the Martignani spray unit. An average spray rate of 400L/ Ha."
- Gordon. Avocado grower NSW.

"I have being using Electrostatic Sprayers for 25 years in Innisfail on Bananas and  updated to the Martignani last year."
"I have being very happy with the results and the savings ( my spray program 150L/Ha ) and recommend the Martignani  to anyone."

- Mike. Innisfail, Queensland.

"The time it takes to complete a spray program has come down from 4 days spraying @ 800 L/Ha to now 3 days @ 300 L/Ha .  No more changing nozzles for different applications and minimal maintenance"

- Pat. Cobram, Victoria.


"it would take me 2 hours to spray 5 Hectares, now I can spray 5 hectares in under an hour. No more changing nozzles and the fruit is clean. I’m very happy with the Martignani Sprayer."

- Arthur. Blanch town, South Australia.

Murray Vineyards Pty. Ltd

14 years ago the company purchased 4 Martignani Spray Units for our 700 acres of citrus and grape disease and insect control.  They proved to be outstanding, with the following benefits: -

  • saving of chemicals – 50%
  • saving of water – 50%   
  • saving of labour and fuel – 50%
  • only 50% of trips for refilling for double spray area coverage.

On our present property of 300 acres, citrus and grapes, we use 2 Martignani machines with all the above benefits and savings.  Maintenance and parts needs have been very low.  We are very satisfied customers.  Our friends in Uruguay, South America, have the same experience on their 25,000 acre citrus properties.

We will be pleased to confirm the above and answer any questions from any of your clients.

Best wishes.
Vern Gibson.
0427 291 598
Murray Vineyards Pty. Ltd.

"We have being using the Martignani Sprayers for over 5 years now and currently have 2 Albatross Boom sprayers on our farm, I couldn’t be happier with the results we are experiencing"

- Tony. Coldstream, Victoria.

"I have had 2 Martignani Sprayers for some years now and I am very happy with the results"

- Norm. Pakenham, Victoria.